Monday, December 15, 2008

Update Four: Cuttin' Heads

Friday of last week, Ripken Ozark had some elective surgery. He's had some benign bumps on his body for some time, but recently, the size of one and the appearance of a cyst on puppy dog's head led the vet to surmise that some removal would be a good idea. He was pretty groggy on Friday, after four incisions, over twenty stitches, and some powerful anesthesia. But, being the good dog that he is, he has needed only a few reminders not to lick or scratch, and he takes his antibiotics (much smaller this time than the horse pills he had the last time he had stitches) like a champ (with a little cheese persuasion).

He spent his first day by himself today, and it appears that he is well on his way to recovery. His stitches come out in about eleven more days.

Wish the pup a speedy recovery!

1 comment:

La Fashionista said...

I myself enjoy a little cheese persuasion.

What a good boy he is! I hope he heals well.

No cone for the Ripken? And stitches will come out right before you're on the East side?

Give puppy kisses for me!