Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Review

We will post a two-fer today, finishing up our decade of song after a brief description of yesterday's festivities (and an updated look at "The Beard").

Monkey and I spent yesterday preparing a meal for just the two of us. However, as we have experienced Thanksgivings for multitudes, we cooked enough food for about ten of us. Our pumpkin pie was finished on Wednesday night, prior to a Mexican extravaganza with the North-side Ambassadors (where I was dubbed "El Lechero"--there's no need to explain why).

On Thursday morning, we had a short cup of coffee and then launched into the preparation of an apple pie and cranberry sauce. After the pie was finished, we walked the puppy dog, and then settled in to watch a few snaps of the first of three really uninteresting professional football games. Around two o'clock, we were in full cooking-up-a-storm-swing.

At five, when it was all over, we had mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, corn-bread stuffing (from scratch, baby!), cranberry sauce, gravy, pork chops (no turkey), and roasted brussel sprouts. And it was all awesome.

We took a pause, watched the Maryland Terrapins men's b-ball team put a whoopin' on the #6 Michigan State Spartans, and then dove into a double slice of pumpkin and apple pie. I must say, the pumpkin was wonderful. The apple was a bit too tart and too mushy--I won't use Rome apples again. Bad choice.

Once the pie was consumed, Monkey and I began to fade. It had been a busy day, considering it was only a meal for two, and we needed our rest, in order to tackle the mountain of leftovers we would have to face in the coming days.


La Fashionista said...

It sounds like a fun and yummy holiday. Our day was remarkably similar. We had a great time cooking all day - huge amounts of our favorite foods for just us two. No TV, no meat, and no wine for us, though P had cocktails while we cooked. And I ran out of sage midway through the prep for our double helping of stuffing. That will NEVER happen again. We did buy tofurky slices for post-Thanksgiving sandwiches. I'm glad I didn't make the pumpkin pies yet (not enough room to store them in the house or the tummies), but the apple pie is delish! Yay cooking amazing foods! We are very fortunate.


La Fashionista said...

PS - I just wanted to tell you:

Your beard is good.

That is all.