Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Getting It Right (On The Second Try)

Recently, Nebraska has become a laughing stock across the nation, due to its less-than-perfect "Safe Haven" law. In many (almost all, I think) states of the Union, it is legal to leave a child at a hospital to be taken into the care of the state. There are usually no questions asked. In all other states, the age limit on this "safe haven" is from three days to maybe a few months. In the land of corn, they left the age limit basically undetermined. So, for the past few months, thirty or so children (all well above the age of a few months, and some near to 18) have been left on the door steps of state hospitals. One from as far away as Michigan. How's that for a well-written piece of legislation?

But, even with all the problems that the law was making for everyone involved in child welfare, the governor did not want to call a special session to get the law fixed. He said it would cost too much money. Apparently, it will cost about as much as taking care of thirty kids of various ages, since that is about the number it took for him to change his mind.

And, just the other day, they capped the age at thirty days. Which is as good as any arbitrarily settled upon age for leaving a baby behind. Well, except that it's a helluva lot better than 18 years.


La Fashionista said...

Yeah, it has been unbelievable to read about this travesty as it has unfolded in past weeks. It was truly an irresponsible piece of legislation (i.e., to have no limit on age as it did) and equally irresponsible for the governor not to call a special session to address it. This whole thing gives a clear impression that legislators are completely out of touch with the reality of people's lives.

On a lighter note, my captcha word today is tonalbar!


comoprozac said...

I guess we'll keep the kid then.