Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Bearded Truth

As you may know, I occasionally use the approach of winter as a good excuse to stop shaving. I have grown a beard several times over the last few years (once, precariously close to my wedding day, according to Monkey, but that was for a show, not the weather; and, I shaved it (and got a haircut) before the nuptials). I usually try to keep it trimmed neatly, rarely letting it grow beyond 1/2 inch in length (except for that time before the wedding, but, again, it all worked out).

This year, I got a jump on things, choosing the Labor Day holiday as the weekend to begin my shaving moratorium (much to Monkey's dismay, really; I think she has stressful memories of that beard I had before the wedding (it was something to behold)). I also resolved to allow my beard to grow to whatever length it might reach before a) the weather warmed in Spring, b) I tired of the beard, or c) Monkey cut it off as I slept. Thus far, our plan is in full effect.

I would like, before the next several months are out, to be sporting the 19th century shovel beard look, but only time will tell if I am able to pull that off. Monkey, not being much of a history buff, is hoping for other things, like a return to those days just prior to our wedding, when I emerged from the bathroom as smooth-faced as I ever have been.

Stay tuned.


comoprozac said...

I say let the beard grow until you trip over it.

Jami said...
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Jami said...

Martyr or Madman?

La Fashionista said...

Everyone knows that you don't wear white shoes with a beard, so good move starting after Labor Day.

Are there any hazards with having such a full, long beard?

If I were there, I'd give it a yank every chance had. You know, just to see if it was real. And to annoy.

Can't wait to see you at Christmas!!



boring election said...

I fully support the cause...but only if you give your audience occasional visual updates.

My apologies to Meghan if she's truly distressed by it, but it's a good look. Your beard is legit.

ATR said...

Not sure I want a tripping-over-it-sort-of-Gandalf-beard. Too RenFest.

When it comes to Martyr or Madman, I would choose Madman, if I had to, but I'd really rather pick Madman Martyr, if that is possible...especially if we are talking about John Brown.

Um..."If I were there" and so on: three dollars!

Thanks for the support and the compliments. It's good to be legit.