Monday, November 24, 2008

The Speed of Life

It was a blisteringly fast week, last week. Friday came so quickly (as it sometimes can), that I was literally surprised by its arrival (which came on Thursday morning, I think). I was absolutely certain that I had lost a day somewhere.

This work week has the potential to seem as fast, due to its three day structure. Then again, those short weeks before a long weekend can sometimes feel like slow motion time. We shall see.

Beside a four day weekend, a holiday of conspicuous consumption, and a visit by the North Side Ambassadors (formerly known as, simply, The Ambassadors), I am looking forward this week to the return of my iPod. The old one's hard drive gave out on me, if you'll recall, and we're just now getting around to replacing it (with the new gazillion GB Classic). I am looking forward to having so much more capacity that I'll actually wonder if I should download some Barry Manilow. You know, just because I can.


comoprozac said...

No! Don't do it! Just wait for December, I'll suggest an album for every day (+1) from 2008.

ATR said...

Looking forward to it, my friend.

boring election said...

No, Tony. Do it. Manilow pre-1979 is actually quite fantastic. Ok, it's totally not fantastic, but it holds a special place in my heart. I can recommend some "hits."

When I was young (and oblivious to sexual orientation) I looked forward to growing up and marrying Barry.

I should probably start talking to a therapist instead of admitting this in comments on your blog.

ATR said...

It's okay, BE, I had the same hope as a youth, as well. I guess you might call it the songwriter's "crossover" appeal.

La Fashionista said...

I enthusiastically recommend the John Lee Hooker box set to add to your collection. And not just because you can. = fabulous. And it definitely trumps the likes of Barry Manilow and Michael McDonald.

When are you starting your pies? What are you making? I'm making apple and pumpkin and am so excited!

How's the NaNoWritin?