Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sick Days and Fall Breaks: Westward Ho!

Well, let's just say that my comment to Boring Election on last Monday, that I was at 85% was a gross overestimation on my part. Tuesday morning, which was a cold, cold 25 degrees in Lincoln, saw me hacking and snuffling and feeling pretty heinous. I even flirted with the idea of staying home, but, I pushed on.

Over all, it was wonderful to see old friends. I just wish I were well enough to really enjoy myself. I was exhausted and congested and just no fun for the entire week. I drank no beer, I took a couple of weak walks (no real hikes), I barely drank a cup of decent coffee. Mostly, the week was a wash.

And, now, here it is Tuesday, and I still feel the remnants of whatever I had/have. Weak, sore, coughing, congested in the morning. Well enough to get my ass to work and teach the churlen, but dragging by the time I get home. While I never confirmed that I had a fever of any sort, I gotta think it was the flu. And, while I can remember at least one year when I had it worse than this (remember that year, Monkey?), I don't know if I have ever felt it hanging around for this long.

Thinking well thoughts...


monkey said...

I remember it. It was B.A.D.

La Fashionista said...

Reda, I am so sorry to hear this. Plus it probably hurt to fly in that condition. Yucko.

Feel better!