Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why So Glum, Chum?

Wow, am I in a foul mood today.


Well, it could be because tomorrow is officially Back-to-work Day. But, more than that, are the following:

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La Fashionista said...

Hm. I was in a good mood before I read those! At least I'm consistently in the blue category both in terms of the electoral designation for the presidential contest and for the whole semicolon debate. I'm opinionated; I'm consistent in my color designation.

You need to get your ass over to passiveaggressivenotes.com and unnecesaaryquotationmarks.com! Spend some time at thedailyshow.com, for goodness' sake! You need a humor-infusion intervention. And do yourself a favor and stop reading the news! At least for today.

Good luck as you go back to work tomorrow. Sometimes the anticipation is worse than the reality.