Monday, August 04, 2008

The Inexorable March of Time

On this past Friday, a dreadfully awaited email appeared in my inbox from my department head informing all that we had 13 days left before we had to get back to work. This was a horrific moment, but, we all knew it was coming. The summer is coming to an end.

I've tried to do some work over the course of the past several weeks. Immediately after our return from Italy, I wrote half of a required six-plus-page document that I need to have finished before the end of first semester. During those couple of weeks, I also did some reflecting on the previous year, and considered some changes to put into effect this coming semester, but, there is, as always, much that I wished to do that I have not. Thus, I will attempt to get some things squared away in the next week.

I have a workshop that I am required to attend as a second year teacher in the district (even though I am NOT a second year teacher, but, whatever) on Friday, Then, it's a few free days until the thirteenth. Like most school years, I look forward to getting started, meeting the new kiddos, teaching and learning; but, I really had an awesome summer, and I sort of don't want it to end. That feeling is stronger this year than ever before. I hope next summer is as awesome, but, it has a lot to live up to.

While I am considering the start of a new school year, there are some other things happening in the next few weeks that I may be looking forward to with a little less sadness. In short, three up coming area shows that I have circled on my calendar.

The first, a blast from the past, the BoDeans (w/Ha Ha Tonka) come to Omaha on Sunday. The odds of my actually going to this show are slim, but, it's an intriguing show. I had no idea these guys were still together until I read about this show. They'd been broken up for ten years before they got back together to record a new album, Resolution (none of which I've heard). Roots-style rock and roll since 1986, I imagine the new stuff is just as BoDeansian as the old stuff. Again, intriguing from a nostalgia point of view, but, I am not committed.

The second, on September 10, is Centro-matic and Broken West, also in Omaha. This is a must-see for me, since I missed Centro-matic last time they were in Lincoln (oddly enough, on August 10). I am not a huge Broken West fan. They are okay, but Centro-matic? I love those guys. I think Will Johnson is an awesome songwriter--His solo stuff is great, too . And I am not going to talk myself out of this show (which I sometimes do) just because it's a weekday or because there is another show that must be seen in Omaha that Saturday, as....

Okkervil River comes to Slowdown. I have seen this band three times in the last few years, and each time I see them is better than the time before. My last experience with them, at the Waiting Room in Omaha last Fall will be hard to exceed, but, I look forward to Will and the boys giving it their best. (By the way, I think Will Sheff is an excellent songwriter, too. Does it have something to do with the name Will?)

As always, anyone willing to make the trek has a place to stay here in Cornopolis. We'll leave a light on for you.


comoprozac said...

First, sorry we missed you in COMO. Long story short, R has my old number.

I get to start training teachers this week. It is that time of year.

Man, who scheduled Centro-matic and Okkervil River opposite each other. I hear that Okkervil has been on a roll lately, playing longer-than usual sets at multiple venues in the same city. That should be a good one, even if they only play one venue.

La Fashionista said...

Could I request a pie instead of having the light left on for me? I can eat quietly in the dark.

Our farmers' market was AMAZING on Saturday! Superb corn on the cob, tomatoes, and cantaloupe. This is a wonderful time to be a super-taster.

My summer has been over for a couple of weeks now. Even though we are currently in the brief one-week window I affectionately consider "the calm before the storm", I continue to be moving at an intensely-productive pace. I feel for you with the dreaded email announcing the upcoming end of your terrific summer.

I hope you go to some of these shows and have a fabulous time. We're going to see B.B. King this Sunday. A relatively new local band that is filled with local talent (Poor But Sexy) is playing near us sometime in the coming weeks. Not sure what else might be happening on the music scene after that.

May your tomatoes be ripe and juicy. May your required document flow with ease. May your workshop be whatever. May you soak up the remainder of your summer!