Friday, August 15, 2008

So, I Got That Going For Me (Which Is Nice)

After three harrowing days of being back to work, I find that there is at least one thing that perhaps all laborers might agree with. There is nothing like a work week to make one appreciate the weekend. Since June 2, I have watched the calendar roll along with little regard for where I was in the flow of the week. What is Sunday, after all, when Monday is an off day? Is there an intrinsic difference between Friday and Wednesday that gives it a different feeling? For me, the answer is, not when you're off the clock!

But, perhaps, after a period of time, this blissful temporal ignorance loses its bliss. Maybe, after nine weeks of waking up and thinking, "What day is this?" one feels as if something is missing. This, as I may have mentioned before, has been an awesome summer, so, I don't really feel like I am overly vacationed. I could go on for a few more weeks, maybe. However, the beginnings of that ennui was raising its head. I was sensing an inkling of impending blah-ness.

Yet, here I am, after just three days of work, genuinely excited for the newly arrived weekend! Now, I don't expect any sympathy for my "predicament." I don't deserve any. I know many of you would love to be in my shoes from June through August (but maybe wouldn't dig the September to May part, but that is a-whole-nother story (as they used to say back home)). But, it's nice to feel that "Friday high" again. Stay tuned for an upcoming entry on the "Sunday crash."

Spotted a great blue heron on the shores of the pond near the YMCA this fine, cool morning, along with about a dozen geese that are laying waste to the trail. It's nice to see the geese, I just wish they'd keep their business in the grass. The friendly morning people theory is still being successfully tested. Come on Afternooners! I hope you're not the kind of stupid people who eat monkeys.


La Fashionista said...

The Doris Day one was especially good n clever. You should add the "narcissism" tag to the labels since you reference your own blog not once but twice in this post!

I want to add Caddy Shack to my Netflix queue now. It's been too long...

I am so sleepyheads.


La Fashionista said...

Here's a random one for you: Have you seen this?

I don't ever.

I didn't expect it to be as funny as it was. I was LingOL - maybe in part because I was so surprised that these actually existed.