Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Week in the Saddle

Well, after one week of dedicated bike riding, I am still going strong. We've been back to work since Wednesday, and so far, I am two for two on commutes! Tomorrow should make it three days in a row! As a matter of fact, the only driving I have done all week was yesterday. It was a short drive, and I really thought about biking, but, I had a guitar lesson at 6:30 followed by an outdoor basketball game at 7:00. I didn't want to leave my guitar out on the grass near the court, so, I stashed it in the trunk. That kind of out-of-sight security just doesn't come with a bike.

Some observations after one week of biking (and two real days of commuting):

The mornings have been magnificent here. Clear, cool, almost fall-like. I don't work myself up too much on my way to work, so, I arrive at the end of my 20-25 minute commute relatively perspiration-free. I also have been taking a change of clothes with me, but, I think once the weather turns for the season, I may be able to just ride in my work clothes. However, I may still keep that step, simply for the routine of it.

I find that people are friendlier in the morning than the afternoon. This could be a function of the weather (it is warmer in the afternoon, but it's not miserable), but, after two days of unscientific surveying, far more folks respond to my waves, nods, and greetings in the AM portion of my commute than do during the PM. Go figure.

As a relatively fit individual, I didn't think that I would feel any different biking, but I do feel a bit more energized (at least until lunch) than I remember being. I am hoping that the rides to and from school will help me alleviate stress and make my reactions to stressor at work even more low-key.

I am already shopping for a new bike. Any recommendations?

(FULL DISCLOSURE: The video is my brother.)


Jami said...

Congratulations Tony! Good luck on your goal...I'm pulling for you. Unfortunately I HATE my bike. I bought a Trek last fall and have found no joy in riding the darn thing. I have taken everyone's advice and changed the seat and handle bars - to no avail, I still dred the ride. Living vicariously through you Big Daddy! Things in BoCoMo/CoCoMo are great. Let's catch up soon. -J

La Fashionista said...

Just look what adventures you could have when sporting the reflective gear:

Be more constructive with your feedback.

Unfortunately, the clip where Bret creates his own bike helmet hair is no longer available on youtube, so you'll just need to check out season one, episode one ("Sally") to appreciate what exactly that might be.

Your brother may rock the guitar, but you look amazing in that basketball picture! You really are in good shape. :)

The resonator is great. P wants one.