Saturday, January 28, 2006

Otto's Book Club

Otto's Book Club reconvened on Friday to discuss Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. In attendance were Monkey and myself, Aunt James, Captain "Dart" Morgan, Queen of Spades, Suh-Weet, My Favorite Berry, and special surprise guest, Boring Election. The discussion of the book was spirited. The general consensus: a nearly great book. Recommended to all. Mysterious, well-written, deep, and highly entertaining.

Monkey is buzzing over the upcoming True/False film festival (last weekend in February). Boring Election runs the box office for the festival, so Monkey was picking her brain for film recommendations.

The book discussion over, Queen, Suh-Weet, Captain and myself played a quick round of darts. Luckily, I was on the Captain's team, and he demonstrated how he got his nickname in a nickname. The man can throw some darts. We pretty much wasted the other team, though Suh-weet and Queen of Spades made a match of it for awhile.

Aunt James and Boring Election headed to Booche's afterwards. The rest of us (sans Captain, who went home) retired a few blocks west for dinner at Grill One 5. A bucket of beers, a burger, some discussion about some weird guy I don't know (but whom certain folks seemed a bit obsessed about last night), and Monkey and I were headed back home. I had commitments on Saturday; Monkey was on her way to Nebraska in the morning.

It is a rainy day here today. I just returned home from school. Monkey phoned to say she was about fifteen minutes from her destination in Lincoln. Tonight, I am probably headed to Eastside to see Uncle Joe's band, Paradise Vending.

I have been wearing out a recently purchased CD of Saturday Looks Good To Me's Every Night. My new favorite band? I don't know, but they are pretty good.

I have also found a new favorite blog. Check out Monkey Critic at Pretty funny, sometimes sophomoric, but Monkeycritic has the writing style of a monkey down. And, it's always good to get a Monkey's perspective before making your viewing choices.


Monkey Critic said...

Monkey say thanks for mentioning blog. But monkey not say thanks for calling it sophomoric. Why you want to make monkey cry?

ATR said...

Ah, Monkey. I apologize. I didn't mean to make you cry. Sophomoric isn't necessarily a bad thing. I like sophomoric humor. Just ask my wife.

Monkey Critic said...

Why your wife named Monkey? She pretty lady.

Anonymous said...

Renaissance Reda, you are all kinds of interesting with these many things going on in your life! I'm looking forward to visiting CoMo for T/F soon so I can witness it myself. And what is the deal with Monkey Critic? Perhaps MC should have a cameo spot on your blog?

Anon AMVB, she is exhausted after too many nonstop draining days