Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Let's Put This Trail Next to a Shooting Range! Yeah, That's a Good Idea.

Monkey and I took the opportunity on the MLK holiday for a short hike at Scrivner Conservation Area. We knew before we went that the conservation area was near a shooting range, but we had no idea how close it really was. It was pretty close. All through the hike we heard the distant blasts of small and large caliber rifles (and maybe a handgun or two) being fired. Near the end of the hike, the firing sounded as if it was getting closer and closer, until, as we entered a stand of cedar and oak trees we made a startling discovery.

We were quite surprised to find that the trail we were following was RIGHT NEXT TO THE SHOOTING RANGE! It sounded like poor planning (and loud shotgun blasts) to us, but we managed to enjoy the hike without getting shot.

The hike was actually quite a good one, save for the distance (only about five miles). The terrain was hilly, with a mix of ridge top views, groves of trees, a few ponds, and an interesting old cement bridge of some sort.

The wildlife was minimal, but we did spot a few interesting birds (no owls or hawks) and one deer. I imagine that the continuous firing of rifles is enough to make even the most resolute mammal or bird want to avoid the area.

Overall a great diversion on an off day. And we took some nice photos, as well.


Anonymous said...

Poor planning? Or good hunting?

All I know is that Megha is too cute.

Don't get shot in the bum!



Anonymous said...

Oh, and one more thing. I like that last pic because it's probably how Ripken sees you both much of the time!

Why can't I click on the two smaller pics to see them closer like I can with shooting range Meghan pic?

Keep up the good work.