Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lying. Apparently, It's No Big Deal, Anymore.

First semester is unofficially over for me and my kiddos. Semester exams finished up today. I got a good deal of grading done Tuesday, yesterday and today, so I have a bit of work to do tomorrow (a workday for teachers, but no school for the kids), and then I can enjoy a three day weekend, thanks to the MLK Day observance on Monday.

It's been a great semester in many respects and a struggle in others. I have kept you abreast of things, so I won't rehash events here. I am looking forward to getting the beginning of the end of the year under way on Tuesday.

I was bummed on Tuesday. I forgot about the chicken nuggets (I'm still messed up, schedule-wise, from break), but Coach B was kind enough to share one of his with me, so I got a little taste of the faux meat I crave.

Today's lunchtime discussion focused on the book A Million Little Pieces. It has been quite popular at school, and the recent reports of the memoirs factual deviations has been met with little outrage at all around the country. I find that troubling. The author sold the book to people, and even got a recommendation from Oprah (it's her current book club selection), on the basis of it being a factual account of his dealing with his adddiction. But much of it, it has been reported, is not true. So, shouldn't he be held accountable, in some way, for his lying? Many people seem to have no problem with it. "It's still a good book," they say. But it isn't what we thought it was. Isn't there something wrong with that?

When Partnerteacher tried to explain the current climate of lackadaisical attitude toward plagiarism and lying, Coach B accused her of having no ethical or moral fiber. Then AP Psych stepped on his foot and he almost choked on his bagel. Keep in mind, this is how teachers have fun at lunch. Don't you feel left out?

It is again bizarrely warm here, today. It snowed yesterday and plans to do so again tonight. It's a wonder we don't all have pneumonia the way the weather has been. As well, it makes it harder to find the bald eagles when you look for them. This is not winter. And the harlequin frogs are dying. The poor, strangely dressed, juggling harlequin frogs. With pointy, jangly shoes. Put down the hairspray, stop driving your big car, and save the harlequin frog!

Monkey ordered bagels from H & H in NYC. They arrived yesterday. Damn, they're good. I might just have one when I am done here.

Monkey and I, along with a host of people (some who I haven't even given proper nicknames, like Dukeopthamologist, Tubes, and Condomlady) went to a local sports bar to watch the Duke-Maryland game, last night. What a freaking debacle. It was all I could do not to throw my beer at the TV. It's a good thing we weren't at home. I probably would have thrown my beer at the TV. Awful. Just awful.

Until next time.


Anonymous said...

I would like to respectfully submit some suggestions for your consideration.

1. Throw your beer. Throw your beer at the TV when Maryland debacles. Throw your beer at students' assignments while grading. Heck, throw your beer at the students! And gosh darn it, cardigan, throw your beer at those who geer not the lying authors.

2. Also, cardigan AFKA pops, provide a comprehensive list of nicknames paired with actual names. Apparently you are just too clever and have too many friends for little me to keep up.

3. You may throw your beer, but absolutely covet and hoard the H&H. I'm still rationing mine out of the freezer and am considering strongarming my friend Dave to run them down the NJ turnpike everytime he drives to DC (which is often). Covet and hoard.

4. Stop scaring us with your secret fantasies of craving faux meat. And relatedly, pay up the $3.

5. If you are going to provide a weather report and color commentary, I say go for the gusto (yep, pun-a-plenty) and provide pictures like a weatherman would. It's raining men! Hallelujah! It's raining men! Anyway, provide some substantive evidence of this so-called no winter and then crazy winter weather, man.

6. Combine all the above into a pseudo-realityesque memoir and ch-ching that isht (minus the 30% cut to she of the profitable suggestions).

Your always-helpings-friend,


AFKA Suggestion box ($3)

Anonymous said...

That fella who shared his chicken nugget sounds like a helluva guy. real salt-of-the-earth type who would not stand by and provide a man a nugget and give him no sauce to dip into.

good work coach b

Anonymous said...

Check it, the lyin' fool.

ATR said...

Fine suggestions, all. Except the expanding list of nicknames is just too cleverly obscure to reveal. I like the fact that it adds a fictional element to my "truthiness." There I said it.
I need you to keep funneling me these great suggestions. Eventually I may act on them, thus creating the greatest blog known to humankind. And I promise to cut you in on 50% of all the nothing that will net us.
The memoir thing will have to wait. My fiction is just so boring right now. If only my truth weren't so exciting!
And, I will never, ever throw my beer at the students.

Peace, sozyrz.