Monday, January 02, 2006

Black Monday

I am trying, really trying, to stay upbeat today. A few things are conspiring against me. Or, rather, I am allowing them to conspire against me.

First thing: back to work tomorrow. I don't think I need to go into detail there. Having over a week off for winter break is a fabulous perk of my job, but it might make returning to work that much harder. I am making chili in an effort to compensate.

Second thing: today is my 37th birthday. I don't think I need to go into detail there, either. I just have these odd visions of breaking my withering leg bones on the court trying to keep up with some twenty-something sports department intern. I am sitting on my ass watching football in an effort to compensate.

Other than that, the new year has started adequately. New Year's Eve saw Monkey and I attending a wedding reception and a party. Journeying home at 2 am, I was surprised (and happy) at how uninebriated we were.

On the first, Monkey and I took a quick birding trip down to Eagle Bluffs. We got to see a northern goshawk and several harriers, but a side trip to Bradford Farm failed to turn up any short eared owls. We still enjoyed a pleasant (and pretty warm) afternoon. We are both pretty stoked for the upcoming Eagle Days festivities, commemorating the presence of the hundred or so (maybe much more) bald eagles that visit Central Standard at this time of year. We will definitely tell you all about it.

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Anonymous said...

Under 38! I bet you have lots of fab things to conspire against the things that are conspiring against you. Like chili. Football. Cookies best eaten when dunked in beer or milk or coffee or hot chocolate. Cardigans. Eagles. Monkeys. Rope toys and the Ripkens who love them. Scrapple. Porterhouse. Etc.

Belated happy birthday wishes, my dear friend!