Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thoughts on a Two Day Work Week

It's been a while since I have done a top ten list, so.....

Top Ten Reasons There Should Be a Mammoth Snow Storm Every Monday Night (from the home office in Savage, MD)

10. I've got all this firewood. I need time to use it.

9. My shoveling skills get out of practice.

8. People don't wear (or say) things like "long johns" enough.

7. I love the smell of snow blower exhaust in the morning. It smells like victory!

6. It's a challenge on the third off day to make something that is less like "bad snack" and more like "actual lunch."

5. When else can I take the dog to the vet? (He's fine, by the way.)

4. How do you manage rambunctious fourth block sophomores? Two days off, one day on, three days off, one day on, two days off....

3. I get to push and dig out the snowbound cars of people who live down the street whom I haven't yet met, and I don't even ask them for money when they are freed.

2. Neighbors talk to each other when there is snow on the ground. What is that all about?

1. Happy hour is a lot more fun on Friday when your exhausted head isn't doing a drinking bird impression into your beer.

1 comment:

La Fashionista said...

9. Do try to keep up on your humping skills.
7. I thought you were humping, not blowing.
6. My afternoon consumptions consist of Oreos and swiss cheese in case you ever need that kind of dietary planning assistance.
1. What other way is there?


Hang in there. It's almost Christmas break!