Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It's Wednesday. It's Not Dark. It's Not Snowing.

The blizzard has passed. The driveway is cleared. The walks are cleared. The cars are dug out. The sun is shining, making it abundantly bright and clear what makes us love snow, even when we are humping our three thousandth shovelful onto a pile as tall as our head.

The dog has carved out a thin path from the backdoor to an acceptable post, but the depth of the snow has made him reticent to explore more. Monkey and I have taken this extra time off to get some holiday-type chores accomplished. We hope to venture out later today to pick up the TV we paid for on Saturday.

We will most likely be back to normal tomorrow, but, with winter break coming at the end of next week, I must selfishly say that I have truly loved having these two days to get my head right. I hope that we can finish the next ten days stronger, more focused, and more pleasantly than things were shaping up after the Thanksgiving weekend.

Bring it on!


La Fashionista said...

"Humping"? Really? You couldn't come up with a better verb? Come on now! You know I gotsta ding you with $3 for that one.

And it took you only two days to get your head right? I ain't ever seen that head right is all I'm sayn. :)

Good luck tomorrow!


ATR said...

You do make a good point there, sister.

ATR said...

And I chose that verb knowing full well that it would cost me $3.