Monday, December 28, 2009

Snowshine Sun, Dog Soreness, and Raven Disgust

The last Monday of the old year has been a memorable one, for sure. First, it has finally stopped snowing here, and we are almost finished digging out (as a municipality). One side of our street has been plowed, and we expect the other side to be done sometime before spring. Our own walkways and driveways have been cleared and re-cleared over the course of the last four days or so. I am pretty sure the entire neighborhood is about tired of shoveling, snow blowing, vehicle pushing, etc. As a bonus, today, the sun came out for the first time in about forever.

Secondly, Ripken had another operation to remove some tumors from his torso. He had a similar operation last year at this time. None of the tumors were on his head, but he had one right on his sternum, so he is having a hard time finding a comfortable position to lay in. He is looking pretty miserable, six hours after his operation, but, after he keeps some food down and has a baby aspirin, he should be feeling better.

In an irrelevant vein, compared to the dog's recovery, I suffered the frustration and helpless disgust that is watching your NFL team basically outplay their rivals AGAIN, yet still lose due to boneheaded penalties and a lack of execution. Most likely, the Ravens will beat the Raiders on Sunday and make the playoffs, but, if they keep playing like they have (and nothing indicates that they won't), a loss wouldn't surprise me, but a deep run in the playoffs would.

Finally, we made a pretty tasty potato soup for lunch today, and we still have about ten pounds of gifted potatoes to get through!

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La Fashionista said...

Ripken! Feel better soon, cutie.

This is why I don't watch sports regularly anymore. Too much agita for too little reward. And plus I get an entire weekend day back.

My favorite things in soup are potatoes and carrots. Oh, and also matzoh balls.

Good luck with the winter wonderland adventures. Are you missing the beard right now?

At least where you live you don't have stupid people complaining about how they can't believe the sidewalks and streets aren't 100% clear of snow after a blizzard and therefore it's too treacherous to go outside. I have no tolerance for the weak and the entitled, and eesh does the winter weather ever bring it out among the people around my way. RME and SMH.