Thursday, December 10, 2009

Puppy Concerns

I really can't explain it, but, just as Monkey and I headed to bed for a long winter's nap, we got the news that school was canceled again, today. I know that three days off is going to play heck with the end of the term (especially since this is an already too-short eight week term), but, like I have said before, we'll just have to deal with that. The residential streets are still pretty hard to navigate, and the temperature at 9AM was still only two above zero, so I can see why they might have erred on the side of caution. I am still surprised.

Today, I am taking the opportunity to get the puppy dog a vet appointment. He seems generally okay, but he has lately been hacking a lot, like he has some bad chest congestion. Monkey, a concerned parent, as always, is worried, so, I am taking him to see his doctor this afternoon. Maybe she'll tell us to "put some 'Tussin on it," in the immortal medical advice of Chris Rock.

Other than that, since I have already had two days to catch up, I have little to do, really. I suppose I'll do some reading. Boy, it's been tough to be me this week.


boring election said...

How is Ripken?

La Fashionista said...

We were just at the vet last night. Someone on FB noted that they wish they could see their vet instead of their physician, and I agree! Our vet is awesome and a sweetie. I hope yours is great too.

Ripken update, come on come on!



ATR said...

Puppy is fine. The vet didn't find anything wrong with him: no fever, lymph nodes fine, good heart and lung sounds. As a precaution, she gave him a ten day series of antibiotics, but indicated that she was pretty sure he was a-ok.