Monday, December 14, 2009

The Countdown Begins

This Monday marks Day One of the Five Days To Winter Break Countdown. In reality, this countdown is part of a larger December Countdown to Winter Break, which, in turn is part of the Post-Thanksgiving Countdown to Winter Break, which, again, in turn, is part of the Post-Fall Break Countdown to Winter Break. You may notice that we do a lot of counting down around here.

It was a pretty manageable day, aside from the freezing drizzle and blinding snow that greeted us as we left the house. A scheduled 6:50 arrival turned into a 7:20 slide into the parking lot. No worries, however. By second block, we were back in the swing of things.

Our tree, which we picked up on Saturday, is currently bedecked only with strings of multi-colored lights. We have yet to put an ornament on it. That is probably scheduled for this evening. Holiday festivities are in full swing, ladies and gentlemen.

We'll try to keep you posted on the rest of the week. And by the way, in a completely unrelated vein, even after three years in a new school, I still miss Chicken Nugget Day!

1 comment:

La Fashionista said...

How is it that there is no chickn nugget to be had in your school???

Your countdown makes me want to cuddle a matryoshka doll. Or solve some kind of equation with nests of parentheses.

Have fun decorating the tree!