Sunday, January 18, 2009

Since Football Season Is Over, Let's Talk About Pie

I am surprisingly at peace with the result of the AFC Championship game. I thought we had them there for a moment, but then Polamalu happened.

Perspective: Fourteen other teams in the AFC did not get to play this weekend.

Feel Good Rationalization: Pittsburgh scored their touchdowns on a ridiculous improvised play and an interception. If you take those two plays away, Ravens win 14-9.

Follow-up Dose of Reality: You can't take those two plays away. Or, as my dad likes to say, "If a frog had wings...."

True Perspective: I hope that Willis Mcgahee is okay.

And, so, as my interest in the Super Bowl is less than it might have been, I'll look forward to that day in just a few weeks when pitchers and catchers report to sunny locales to play catch and jog and practice rolling wads of chew into wads of bubble gum and spit sunflower seeds and discuss what to do with the bazillions of dollars they have piled up around the yard.

Noticed this over at ESPN this evening.

My immediate reactions included a) as a fan of the Orioles, I support their acquisition of outfielder pie, b) they can only be a better team with outfielder pie, c) what exactly goes into outfielder pie?

I know Monkey will like this story. She loves pie.

Oh, and by the way, what was Garth Brooks doing singing at the Linclon Memorial, today? Shouldn't he be getting ready for San Diego Padres Spring Training (Garth Brooks' Personal Fantasy Camp)?


comoprozac said...

Yesterday's game was actually a game in which I was hoping that both teams could lose. I realize that this has never happened in the history of sport, but it should have happened yesterday.

(Full disclosure: I'm a life-long, long-suffering Cleveland Browns fan. The Steelers used to be our rival, now they just beat us two or three times every year. Do I need to explain my distaste for the Ravens?)

ATR said...

While I do undersatnd your "distaste" for the Ravens, temper that with the following: a) Art Modell doesn't own the team anymore, b) Cleveland got to keep the proud tradition and acoutrements of the Browns name (Baltimore didn't get to "keep" the Colts; LA didn't get to "keep" the Rams; etc.), c) give it time...even Baltimore doesn't loathe Indy as much as it used to....

La Fashionista said...

WOTS (and by that I mean by account of P, who was at Lincoln Memorial for this event) is that Garth Brooks somehow sang three songs when everyone else was allowed only one each. He sang The Day the Music Died (um, what is the deal with that choice?), Shout (not the Tears for Fears one), and some Garth Brooks song. Meh.

I'm glad to hear about the peacefulness post-playoffs. I would have liked to have seen the Eagles play either the Steelers or the Ravens.

Thank you for associating pie with baseball. That helps make the sport a teensy bit more appealing to me.