Monday, January 26, 2009

Frozen Water Torture

It seems like it has been snowing here for about five straight days. Except that it is snowing so slowly, that we only accumulate about an inch a day, if that. It seems that the point of all this frozen precip is to get the kids all jangled up, make us clean off our cars more than once a day, make us shovel or sweep the drive and walks once a day or so, and to just make it seem all pretty outside. The roads are not really treacherous. As a matter of fact, they have been quite clear. I guess it's easy for plows and salt trucks to keep up with less than an inch per day of snowfall. Tonight and tomorrow calls for more of the same. I guess this is kind of like what living in a snow globe must be like (with out the intermittent violent shaking).

I have been eagerly awaiting President Obama's reply to my texts about my economic stabilization plan. I am also still awaiting the arrival of a Hawaii quarter. Who is jonesing all the Hawaii quarters! Anyway, I was hoping my texts might reach his NSA-secured Blackberry, but maybe I have a wrong number.

And, last, but not least. I try to ignore this buffoon when this news first broke, but, if Leonard Pitts, one of the finest Opinion columnists of his generation, is going to address it, then I'll say it, too: Rush Limbaugh is un-American.

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La Fashionista said...

Here we do the jangled up, shutting down hype at the mere mention of the s-word. Then it doesn't happen. If it does happen to happen, it's never as treacherous as people think - but it's also not managed super well, which I guess combines with the bad drivers to make it potentially treacherous. Perfect storm of stupid, I say. We'll see how it goes in the next couple days here, when this drama is expected to play itself out once again.

But man can we manage 2 million people for an inauguration! So I'll give us that.

If you want to try some intermittent violent shaking, consider moving to a fault line. That's some isht right there.

For you, I will search for a HI. And do keep us posted on the emails surely on their way from President Obama.

Great piece by Pitts. I can't understand how anyone can get behind someone so negative, incendiary to the point of seditious, and dysfunctional. Pathetic.

I want to say something clever, but all I gots is sleepyheads. There it is.