Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Shocker!

In order to procrastinate grading a mountain of papers I swore I would have done by tomorrow (fat chance!), and per a special request, allow me to make you privy to some semi-important (and some completely unimportant) news of the last few days.

The return from winter break was a hellish one. I hit the ground running at full speed and have only slowed slightly this past week. Finals begin after tomorrow, and I hope to be able to put some ducks in a row, or fish in a barrel, or eggs in a basket, or something like that, just prior to The Dawn of a New Day, otherwise known as Inauguration Day. For that reason, I have been stingy in my posting, and then only focusing on irrelevant things (to most) such as Baltimore's NFL franchise. But, here's the real scoop: the beard got a trim. It was unintentional, and I have no photographic proof, but, that fierce man bush I had billowing under my chin is far less unruly today that it was a week ago. Here's the story: I intended just to shape it up a bit. I don't even know why I wanted to do that. I was getting antsy, and maybe a little bored with it. I am fickle like that when it comes to facial hair. Anyway, I went a little deeper than I wanted to at first, and, next thing you know, it was all professional-looking. However, it is still there, and it will grow back. At least that is the plan. Accompanying photo, however, probably not the plan.

I also got new glasses on Saturday (not that I want to steal any of comoprozac's "new look" thunder). So, the cephalic region has gotten quite a make over the past few days.

Now that I mention the cephalic region, let me also mention that during a round of basketball this past Sunday, I took a twenty-something's elbow to the temple. I tried to stay upright, but, my knees wobbled and I descended in slow motion to the hardwood. I think a couple of guys thought I was having a heart attack; they ran over with grave looks on their faces. After a few moments, I got up and tried to play, but after a couple of trips up and down the floor, I knew it was a bad idea. I hit the bench, and then wandered woozily home. Still today, it's pretty sore. Especially when I chew...and I LOVE to chew!

What excitement!


comoprozac said...

No thunder stolen. I won't respond to the whole Baltimore franchise thing. You know where I stand on that one.

ATR said...


Ethan Weston said...

It's been awhile since I've commented on, or read your blog, sorry about that.

How have things been? I believe you had a beard while you taught here but nothing like you're describing. Or maybe I'm just putting your face on that picture at the top of the post. Is the beard a recent development?

Have a nice day. :D

La Fashionista said...

Wow, you deliver the goods fast and generously! Impressive. I'm very grateful, especially given the extremely demanding past weeks you've had.

I would love to see pics of the completed Reda makeover! That's a big deal. It would have been great to see pics throughout the beard-trimming process, but alas maybe in the absence of those you can just throw together a little cartoon sequence to post. You know, in your free time. :)

Maybe after the trim your center of gravity was off, thereby impacting the whole basketball incident. Can we attribute any of this to the radical change in facial topography and also emphasize your ruggedness to *take* the hit/fall (even if it did not end so gracefully)?

Can you still yell at the TV with the soreness? Chewing and yelling are both very important. Not to mention drinking.

May you get as many ducks in a barrel (or whatevs) as possible by the Dawn of the New Day. (BTW, things here in DC are completely insane for the festivities.) Thank you again for the latest post before Monkey and I storm Manhattan!