Sunday, April 06, 2008

Hitting 300, Scoring, Staying Busy, and Medical Updates

Were this baseball, I would be a potential Hall of Fame candidate. Hitting .300 in baseball is an awesome feat. This, however, is blogging, so, instead of preparing to have a bronze plaque of my face and accomplishments made by deciding which hat to be pictured in, I am merely recognizing the passage of a small milestone. Given another twenty two years at this pace, I may someday pass another baseball milestone: 3000!

On other fronts:

I spent this Saturday scoring writing tests for my school district. It was an interesting experience. I learned a lot, and I had a pretty good time (well, as good a time as you can have sitting on your butt and grading all day). I am doing it again next Saturday, and I am getting compensated.

Saturday night, I helped chaperone the Pride Prom. It was an uneventful evening there. That's a good thing. I basically spent the evening watching kids dance and chase each other around the Commons. How fun is that?

In between I squeezed in dinner and a glass of wine or two with Monkey and (NEW CHARACTER NAME ALERT) The Ambassadors. (I don't know if this moniker will stick--I'm just trying it on, right now.) All told, it was a chock-full Saturday from 8am to 11pm.

Today, enjoying the best day I've had so far this spring, I planted some carrots, some spinach, some peas, and some garlic. I have tomatoes starting, and Monkey and I are working some indoor herb action, too. It was a great day to be puttering around in the dirt.

Monkey is still doing great. She still can't taste things very well, but the doc says that the cancer has NOT spread to any other areas. This is awesome news. We won't know for at least three months how effective the radioactive iodine treatment was at removing the cancer she does have, but it was great to find out that everything is still concentrated where the doctors knew it already was.


La Fashionista said...

Great continued updates about Monkey. Excellent news.

OK. So if we go with the blog-baseball comparison, can you give more blog stats? I think this whole metaphor deal is limited; I'm not exactly compelled by baseball but sometimes do read a little CentStand.

So what did you wear to the Pride Prom?

I wonder how we can arrange some kind of cookies-CSA exchange deal?


Jami said...

Is a school dance the same in Stinkin' Lincoln? Are school dances the same everywhere. We had a school dance today with senior citizens. They like to do the bunny hop and the hand jive. I prefer to break dance. Come back wherever you are Tony Reda!