Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ten Days Gone, Or "FIRE IN THE HOLE!"

I'd love to change the world,
But I don't know what to do.
So, I leave it up to you.
--Ten Years After, "I'd Love to Change the World"

I'd like to say I can hardly believe it has been ten days since my last post. Unfortunately, I know exactly how long it has been. For several reasons, I haven't made any attempt to add a word to Central Standard.

One of these reasons is ambivalence. I have been in a "why bother?" kind of funk. I want to post, but I don't like what I have to say, or I convince myself I have nothing to say. It happens sometimes.

Another reason: I've had really low energy since Spring Break ended. I have been busy, but mostly, I just haven't really had a lot of zip when I had the time to post.

Another reason: not much seems to be happening that is even remotely blog-worthy. I painted the front door green last weekend. Earth-shattering, isn't it?

But, today was a red-letter day. At the start of second block, one of my students told me to check my email, because all the bathrooms in the building were locked. I checked my email. It turns out that a couple of major brains tried to set the paper towel dispensers in some bathrooms on fire. The rooms were locked so that the fire investigators could check out the crime scenes. Apparently a pair of our finest young minds were taken into custody for arson-like behavior (or something). By third block, all the bathrooms were re-opened, and, well, we were all relieved. (Sorry.)

Now that's excitement.


Jami said...

Your back! I am sorry to hear that you have a case of the Mondays but June is right around the corner and if you aren't busy on Saturday, May17th, Joe and I would LOVE to have you and Monkey travel to BoCoMo to celebrate Joe's college graduation. We would of course love to watch Ripkin Ozark....aka "special boy". We miss you and hope the next five weeks go by very quickly as you two have an amazing trip coming up. Miss you terribly Tony Reda! Your Pal, Jami

P.S. Joe's band - The Record Collector will be performing at the partaay.

La Fashionista said...

I don't need to read anything especially earth-shattering, though I hear you about wanting to write about something that seems interesting and/or provocative. I just like hearing about what's happening in your life! = blog-worthy to me. So yes, painting the front door green is cool. I mean, the front door affects one's entire entrance into your home. It makes a certain statement.

Wow, setting fire to paper towel dispensers? My high school trespassing antics were much more exciting - unless actually getting caught is the criterion.

So bring on the tedious, the mundane - and of course as you have time and energy to do so.

That said, if today were your 81st birthday (or any birthday, for that matter), would you really want to spend it with the likes of W?

On a related yet more mundane note, we gots the pre-pope, the pope-event, and the post-pope traffic here.



Jami said...


I think if you showed everyone a picture of the Barney purple that used to cover your front door they may agree that the new color is indeed very big news.

P.S. Exene Cervenka was at my school today. She personally dropped off her poetry books for students who are going to be seeing her in the Little Theater next week. Being a very big X fan, I could barely contain myself.

Jami said...

Oh yea....Boland did his "Senior Sing" today - Paradise by the Dashboard Light. He kilt it!

Why do you think he insists on picking a ten minute song each year?

ATR said...


1)I am marking my calendar for Big Daddy's Soiree.
2) Yes, the green is a big improvement.
3) Exene finally responded to Phil's emails? I can only imagine how excited you must be.
4) Ten minutes songs=ten minutes of love!

La Fashionista--

The Pope and George Bush. Two conservatives that fewer and fewer people pay any attention to. They should spend all of their birthdays together!