Friday, April 18, 2008

Before I Gotta Go...

Hey, Monkey is shooing me out the door as I type this. We're off for some Bar-B-Q. But, I wanted to do my part for an issue that is close to all of us. And, in the interest of time, I am going to step aside and let comoprozac tell you about it.


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La Fashionista said...

Thanks to you and Comoprozac for supporting this important issue on your blogs. Cruel social injustices abound, indeed.

Although I can't affect the cause by writing on my (closed, small) blog, I love that as part of my work I challenge students' values and awareness of such concerns whenever possible. I feel that it is my responsibility to change the null environment that perpetuates an oppressive status quo - both within higher education and more broadly in this culture.

I hope that you and Monkey had fun at the BBQ! The weather here is gorgeous today.