Monday, October 15, 2007

Ninety-nine Posts For The Year

Ninety-nine posts for the year on this blog.
Ninety-nine posts for the year.
Click on one.
Read it for fun.
Ninety-nine posts for the year on this blog.
--sung to the tune of "99 Bottles of Beer"

After a really depressed weekend, in which I hated this town, my job, the weather, everything, today was pretty good. I spent a few days in PoP, but things are looking mostly Nader, this evening. At the very least, I never felt like throttling any of my kids. I still get the feeling from some of them that they are merely tolerating me, that I am some kind of underclass peon, and they subtly make sure that I know it. It's weird. A different vibe, that maybe I am putting on others rather than picking up from them. I don't know. I came across this quote from the 1949 film version of The Red Pony that really put some of my blues in perspective: "It's not where you are that makes you a stranger, it's why you think you're a stranger."

I'm still a stranger at my new school, but I truly sense that it might be because of how I feel about it. I still feel like it's a temporary thing, that next year, I'll be back where I should be. But I won't. I need to convince myself of that. I need to convince myself that I belong in this place, because a) I do, and b) I have to. I am awfully tired of coming home hating my job and my own ability as a teacher, and I know the only person who has any ability to affect change in my life is me. Knowing and doing, of course, are two different things.

That's enough of that.


comoprozac said...

"It's not where you are that makes you a stranger, it's why you think you're a stranger."

It's funny that you've figured this out so quickly. Misery is finally making sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Don't think I've abandoned you, my strange friend.

Since you're no stranger to me, I'll just call you strange for short.

Anyway, I have been working on a special comment to this post. It's taken me some time because I am not so sophisticay. Call it a slow surpie. A slurpie, as it were.

So Ima go get myself a slurpie and before you know it I'll have something else posted here for you. And by "before you know it" I mean like tonight or tomorrow.

Don't get your hopes up in anticipation. I always do much better when expectations are low.

Until next time, strange.


Anonymous said...

Greetings, strange one. I come bearing gifts. Strange gifts, but gifts nonetheless. I'm back from digging around the vault. That's right: For you I have compiled an array of escapist and kind of weird links that hopefully will entertain you and lift your spirits a bit. Let's see what we have here.


You're a smart...


Spam funny

Knock him out the box

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A classic

You got your chocolate rain in my peanut butter

Someone has way too much free time

and finally

Whatever happened to...?

Made with love just for strange you from even stranger me,


Ethan said...

Mr. Reda you shouldn't be so depressed, as far as I'm concerned you are a wonderful teacher, you'll get used to the town, and the job. The kids will begin to see you as I did, as one of their favorite teachers of all time. You made what would have been a horrible Jr. Year much better. You're a fun teacher and the kids will learn that, sometimes it just takes time getting used to new teachers. :D

I feel that I failed at making that grammatically correct.

Feel better Reda, and whenever you're feeling down just take some Soma. "One cubic centimetre cures ten gloomy sentiments," as they say. No wait, that's a bad idea. :D

ATR said...

Thank you, Ethan. I'm staying as positive as possible.

Thank you, Anon AMVB. Link-a-licious.

Comoprozac: glad I could help....

Anonymous said...

Check it:

This is the guy behind the "music"