Monday, October 08, 2007

Miscellaneous Comment-Inspired Haiku (For La Fashionista)

On H.P. Lovecraft:
I know the name, not the work.
Scary? Whatever.

Predicting the score.
But shouldn't I remember:
At home, forty one?

stevecarter *dot* com:
Creepy old album covers,
Scrawny naked men.

Poor, poor whistle pig,
Like Ol' Punxatawney Phil,
Gets the shaft, again!

Fairview fifth grader:
"Today--CoMo holiday;
Chicken nuggets! Yum!"

Anon AMV
B run-on sentences! And
six-syllable name!


Monkey said...


Ethan said...

you ought to read his stuff. it's good, just not to scary, I might have a new favorite by him "Shadow over Innsmouth" I read it today and it was wonderful.

What are you teaching there by the way? Still American Lit, or just English in general?

Anonymous said...

Holy inspired
entry, CentralStandardMan!
Haiku blog hero!

A fun image, you
finger-counting syllables
(now your readers too).

Take a five-count, "POW!"
Seven syllables,"Kablam!"
Add, "Chicken nuggets!"

By word and by deed
he's again proven himself
the blogmaster flash.

Mixn it up, yo.
Activate wonder powers
in the freshest blog!

La Fashionista
givin the mad props, Anon
AMVB style!