Friday, October 05, 2007

All Apologies

What else could I write?
I don't have the right.
What else should I be?
All apologies.
--Nirvana, "All Apologies"

After a pretty low week, Friday struggled to make a full recovery, when the very same student who had sent me into a Wednesday tailspin came into my room (a different room than he and I have class in and two blocks before our class) and apologized to me for what he had said. I told him I was very impressed with him for doing such a thing. Completely unprompted. That is pretty impressive for a sophomore. Isn't it?

From there, the workaday quality of this muggy Friday was almost like the best day ever. Compared to Wednesday, I have already had two "Best Days Ever."

Anyway, not much else to report, except that a) John Hodgman was brilliant on The Daily Show last night (if you missed it, check it out at Comedy Central (click on Mentally Ill Money)), and b) most folks here in Big Red country are on pins and needles over Saturday night's upcoming Mizzou-Huskers game. Let this transplanted transplant go on record as prognosticating: MU 52-Huskers 49. Go. Fight. Win. Tigers.


Boring Election said...

This is totally random, but I was reading Trib Talk this afternoon and saw this entry and thought of you:

"I’m 10 years old, going to Fairview for fifth grade, and today should be a city holiday because our school’s having an early release today. It’s also serving my favorite lunch, chicken nuggets, and it’s serving ice cream. Woohoo!"

A kid after your own heart....

Anonymous said...

At the encouragement of the She-Monkey, I'd like to take issue with the Central Standard Top 10 posts post from a few days ago. Granted, it would seem that the days in between have been less than stellar, but let's all go back to the list (of which I'm taking issue)... What the Hell?! No Whistle Pig? The trials & tribulations of the wayward Whistle Pig were epic! I came to regard Whistle Pig as a member of the Monkey Family (perhaps a member with an asterick). Don't get me wrong, the list is great, but a certain furry, hibernating someone is missing.

Beer cheese soup sounds delish.

Gig 'em Mizzou.

Anonymous said...

Oh. It should be noted that I wrote the above comment (seems that my time here in Miss'ippi has made me forget proper communication etiquitte).


ATR said...


That kid is gonna be awesome! Look out for him in the future. Maybe he can track down the wayward monkey.


Duely noted. The whistle pig's non-inclusion was a gross oversight on our part. I would easily say that the sofa post is out, and the whistle pig is in! Long live the whistle pig.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed the sophomore apologized. I'm glad your week ended on an up-swing. Mine didn't bottom out any further either so I say yay us let's enjoy the weekend so crazy with run-on sentences all around!


Phil Overeem said...
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Phil Overeem said...

Sorry we missed you guys, too. We had long pre-existing plans, plus, after nine o'clock pm, I am like Bancini in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST due to this fricking illness.

Hey, our lunch group is going to create a 2008 Hickman Calendar (old-school style) by re-creating these album covers:

See if you can guess who's playing whom. I will give you one hint: Janda, Kirkpatrick, Kome, Morgan, and I are all in the same one. But even with the hint you have to guess who'll be in the middle....

ATR said...


First , I'm putting KP in the middle, since he's the tallest. Second, I hope that isn't a double album. Third, that is the scaries webpage I've visited in a long time. Thanks!

Ethan said...

Mr. Reda what's your opinion on H. P. Lovecraft? That's assuming you've read his stuff.

I have been reading his stuff as of late and while I love how he writes and his stories, I can't figure out why he's considered the grandfather of modern horror when there's only one story that truly made me shiver (The color out of Space.)

Just wondering if you can spread some light on that for me, that is assuming you've read his stuff.

Have a nice day Mr. Reda.

comoprozac said...

The Hodge was great on the DS. Have you been keeping up with his Hobo branding thing?

Close on the prediction. Apparently, Nebraska's O forgot to show. (Could tOSU and MU be on a collision course for New Orleans?)