Monday, November 06, 2006

Ignoring the Flu

I've had the flu since Tuesday. Haven't missed work, though. The explanation for which is hardly worth the time or effort. Let's just say I'm dedicated.

Since I didn't miss any work, even when I could hardly croak out a "Good morning" on Friday, I figured it would be a great idea for Monkey and I to head up to Lincoln for the Mizzou-Nebraska game on Saturday. It was a bad idea. The game sucked and mostly I just slept and force marched back to Missouri on Sunday, with Monkey feeling the early effects of the ick herself.

Sunday was misery, to say the least. Today, I am feeling better, yet not 100%. Monkey is still in a bad way, but she went to work today, anyway. And I hardly have any room to berate her for it (even if I still do).

In other news, November is National Novel Writing Month, and I am doing my best and keeping track with my kiddos. One of my block sections is even working on a sort of class novel, each of them taking a hack at 1000 words or so and passing it along. Who knows what that will turn out to be, but so far it's been fun. I, by the way, am way behind the set pace for 50,000 words by 11/30. I have about 3000. I should have 10,000. I'll catch up.

As a matter of fact, I should be writing, now. And so I shall.


Anonymous said...

Oh stoic sick one, I hope you and Monkey recover soon. I hope Lincoln treated you well.

Big election day today! Once again MO is a pivotal state, sort of making me wish I could cast my vote there. However, it seems I am destined to move from state to state, voting on one ridiculous proposal after another to amend the state constitution homophobically and heterosexistly.

For the second year now, P and I have shared a ritual to rise and shine (before the shine even) and begin our day when the polls open at the nearby firehouse, where we exercise our democratic right.

I like voting in a firehouse. I got to sit on a fire truck while waiting for P to finish voting, and I got some fun and interesting comments from other voters - one of whom insisted that surely I must have just come from an night of dancing out on the town. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to contribute to an interview on Japanese TV because I was too tired to form an articulate sentence. Not to mention I hadn't brushed my teeth.

Now I'm sporting my I VOTED IN ARLINGTON sticker! And I've not only brushed my teeth but also groomed overall.

You novel novel-writer, would you consider sharing some of your work?


ATR said...

Dude, you couldn't come up with something articulate for Japanese TV? The land of "tasty with mouth and happy tongue of cream thickness"? You musta been out on the town! Damn.

By the way, I know: green paper leaves with mortality heads of three, Grasshopper.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you're right: I should have said that about Santorum. Damn, no she di'int.

Attack of the Wetness Evil - ATR will prevail!


Anon AMVB, she lives in yet another backward state with a constitution amended to oppress

Anonymous said...

Let it be noted that Monkey, although going to work, has gone in late (11am and 10:30am, respectively).