Sunday, November 19, 2006

On Target

I have finally made up the difference between where I should be and where I am. I should have, if I want to finish the novel by Nov. 30, 31, 673 words by the end of today. I currently have 31,844. So, instead of being my usual 3000 words behind, I am actually almost 200 words ahead and am on pace to finish on time. And, should I so desire, I can keep plugging away and get even farther out front. But, I have written 7000 words or so this weekend, so I feel like I've done enough. I think I'll spend the rest of the day grading papers and watching Peyton Manning carve up the Cowboys.

Monkey and I are gearing up for Turkey Day. Pie making on Wednesday (hooray two day work week!), so Monkey is happy about that. And company coming into town, too. So, it should be an exciting week. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Way to stay on target, ATR.

I haven't yet decided whether I will make a pie for Thanksgiving. However, I'm definitely making JLVBK's stuffing recipe! Also, we may try a tofurky (expectations low) if we can find one.

We discovered two awesome restaurants this weekend, both very European. I had the most amazing lentil soup last night, OMG. And today I had a delicious sandwich and P had excellent Turkish coffee. Last night we enjoyed the music of two bands, one good the other very good. = fun! The obligatory 2 AM drunken grocery store run was very pragmatic for me: while everyone else was getting tater tots and the like, I was getting things like broccoli (for my apparent iron deficiency) and bread for stuffing. Even when drinking, I stay on target.

Anon AMVB, she cheers your focus and dedication to the novel-writing process