Monday, June 26, 2006

Lawrence Obi Wants You

You are LAWRENCE OBI. You are Bank Manager of Zenith Bank Lagos, Nigeria. You will share with me 30% of the $26.5 million that BARRY KELLY who died with a WILL left in your bank.  You put the money in two trunks and want me to claim the money.
Which Nigerian spammer are You?

Found some more silliness by randomly floating in the Internet ether. This one struck me as funny, since, at work, I get at least two of these emails a week (from the Nigerian spammers, that is, fishing for a mark). I imagine it is wrong to assume that they are Nigerian. I mean, they claim to be in the email, but they could easily be Canadian, Australian, Tahitian, Paraguayan, from anywhere. How on earth I wound up on this spam list, I'll never know, since I don't do a lot of random website visiting at work (hey, I am all business when it's business time...well, mostly...when anyone's looking...usually...well, anyway). I think Lawrence Obi is an attractive pseudonym. I still like Pedro, that will never change, but, now I have Lawrence Obi in my back pocket, you know, if I ever need it.

You know, the one thing about this fishing scheme that really is a cause for concren for me is how will I know when someone who is completely unrelated to me dies and leaves behind tens of millions of dollars, and someone else who is completely unrelated to me, who is a bank manager thousands of miles away, across an ocean and the equator, on another continent, tracks me down to offer me a portion of the money, since he has nowhere else to turn for help in dispersing the money, how will I know when this is legitimate, now? I am assuming that all of these offers are a scam, but what about that one time when it actually is true? I'll never know.

Well, I am going to stop worrying about that and go buy my fifty dollars in Power Ball tickets for the week.

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Anonymous said...

In tying together this entry and your last, just think about how this here interweb connects us all. Coffee consumers and spammers of the world, unite!

Waxing philosophic while I vestigate some ways to ch-ching my way to some more cash money,