Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The End of a Very Long Story

Day Eight

As we rode out of Bar Harbor, beginning the four and a half hour trip to the Manchester airport, we paused under still cloudy skies for two photos. A few shots of the cove near the Cove Farm Inn was our first photo op. A little ways down the road, an odd (yet to open for the season) miniature golf course featured Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues. I found that worth a shot.

The weather cleared as we drove west, and the sun was shining bright as we pulled into Manchester, NH. A quick flight to BWI, a short layover there (called Mom to say hello), a longer flight to St. Louis, and the usual two hour drive home, and it was 11:00 pm. Where did the day go?

And that about wraps it up. Next blog entry: almost real time!


Anonymous said...

Why are you not posing with Jay and El in that picture? How many times does a brotha get a chance like that, with them all still and not surrounded my tourists/fans? Damn.

Did you get some Utzes of them at BWI?

What in the world are you going to write about in almost real time? What does a brotha have to do and what does he have to say about it when it is summer summer summer time, time to sit back and unwind?

Tonight I learned about coconuts. Like (after the fact) how to open one. No joke, the website was quite instructive. Also after the fact we discovered on some other website (probably that old standby wiki wiki wiki wack) that coconuts easily turn rancid. This one, purchased from hwa hwa hwa Whole Foods, was wrapped in plastic, perhaps to disguise the signs of rancidity. Which were discovered *after* the breaking open but *before* the yet-to-be-made carrot and coconut salad.

Perhaps this little rant will inspire you, Reda, to write about interesting almost real time day to day in the life of Reda stuff now that it's all summertime and no school!

tedbu (hey, that's short for Ted Bundy!)


Anonymous said...


I assume you've heard about the Geno's craziness in Philly? It's even in the Wiki.

Just another reason to go to Pat's.

There's another popular cheesesteak place in Philly that (for a limited time) was giving away free cheesesteaks to anyone who ordered in a language other than English. That's what I'm sayin.



Anonymous said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed experiencing Maine vicariously through the eyes of Missouri Monkeys. However, I've been waiting with much anticipation for the description of the Texans (as promised in Day 1). False advertising!