Saturday, April 29, 2006

This and $1.09 Will Buy Me a Cup of Joe

An old high school friend sent me a link to this wonderfully pointless little lyrics quiz (thanks, UK Magz). I just got home from a soggy Saturday night party/cook out with Suh-Weet and Queen of Spades, and thought I would have a little fun. Monkey always says I know the words to a lot of songs. I guess she's right. Click on the link, take the quiz, let me know how you did in the comments section. (It takes a little while--there are like a hundred song lyrics. Spelling, tense, and number count, so be careful.) I was surprised at the end at some that I missed, and I was bummed that the creator of the quiz doesn't ID the songs from which the lyrics originate (for the ones I just can't recall), but, it was still fun. My amazingly unclear score (I have nothing to compare it to): 103.5!


Magdalene said...

Wow! Where the heck can you get a cup of joe for $1.09 these days???


Glad you enjoyed the quiz...I think I read somewhere that there is a possible 200-and-some points available. I got 102 which I was pretty pleased with, but disappointed with some songs I missed. So far, you and I are the only people I know in the 3-figures so I guess that's pretty good!

Rock on 80's!

UK Magz

Anonymous said...

The author of the quiz found your post via google.

She just wanted to say the #'s on the answer sheet link to the album the songs are from.

And there is no rational to the scoring system.


ATR said...

Anonymous author of the quiz--

I guess if I could read, I would have seen that.... Duh'oh!

Anonymous said...

I blame my limited entertainment memory for my score of 84.5! Also, where were all the Genesis lyrics? And the Roxanne Roxanne raps?

Here's my contribution:

A [blank] [blank] is caught
with [blank] [blank]
He's out [blank] [blank]
and out [blank] [blank]
and that's the [blank] it [blank]

Anon AMVB, she's crafty