Thursday, April 20, 2006

High School Politics

Long day, people. Long day. We had an assembly for Student Government elections, with candidate speeches and such. Aunt James is in charge of all that, and she was busy. It was a good assembly. The students each made a campaign video, which was shown before each speech, and some were excellent. Most everyone went for the humorous angle, and a few of them were completely hilarious. My favorite combined the silly seriousness of Steve Colbert with the silly silliness of SCTV (complete with stuffed body dummies being plowed by a car). A brilliant piece of work, I must say. Two of the candidates (one for President, one for Vice-President) are in my classes, so I have a rooting interest, and I waxed philosophic (an internal monologue) as I watched the proceedings about the balance and appeal at the high school level of substance and popularity in the voters' choice of officers. I only remember it, in my own school experiences (I ran for VP of my sixth grade class--and lost), as a popularity contest (Well, after all, what substance is there in the sixth grade? More corn with your pizza? Longer recess? Better four-square balls?). But here, it was clear that some candidates were aiming for the popularity angle, and some were laying out some issue-based groundwork. The end result awaits.

Softball results: we split the double header, winning the first game 20-0, and losing the second 11-9. Overall, a good night.

Now, I think I need a nap.


Anonymous said...

Vote for Pedro; he will protect you! Add a nappy head cracker bustin a move, and my philosophic internal monologue is like, "Ch-ching, micky ficky! This is the stuff of a primo movie caliber." Perhaps if you had utilized a similar strategem in sixth grade, Senior Reda, things would have been different for you.

Indeed, let's nap.



Anonymous said...

PB (post-blog): Since I am terribly disappointed that I cannot be there to celebrate Monkey's birthday with you all (and nor can I enjoy any of your scrumptious pie for $3), I do hope there is a ode to Monkey birthday blog!




Anonymous said...

PBB: For a peek into the current phenomenon of 'flipping' (buy a fixer-upper, redo it, and resell for a ridiculous amount) houses here in the DC area: A townhouse two blocks from me is listed as 1780 square feet; built in 1981; has been fixed up to include fancy new stainless steel appliances (including a wine refrigerator if you can believe that) and new flooring and such; owned by *realtors* (young punk tools, of course) who seem to be flipping it for - wait for it - $749,900. Outlandish. Gag me with oversized ceramic tile.


Anonymous said...

Oh *MY* God!!!! 749,900!!!!????!!!!

Wait for it......CRAAAA-ZZYYYYY!!!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!!

Love you, AMVB!

Anonymous said...

May your birthday Monkey pie be succulent and luscious. $3

P says I am blog-jacking your site. $3. Bloggen-dazsing. $3. Is this true? Am I infringing? Have we reached that point in our blog-lationship that I should have my own space? Is the Anon AMVB too much for the ATR?

Blog curious Anon AMVB

ATR said...

Hey, it's not like you're muscling out any other commenters. Carry on.