Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Changes in Cyberspace

Frequent visitors may notice a slight change to Central Standard today. I was getting a bit eye- sore and depressed looking at the black all the time, so I thought I'd go with a Springy/Summery Blue. It's blue, right? Also changed up some things in the Dramatis Personae column and added/deleted some links. I will try to keep up to date with the "Currently Teaching" links. Today, they send you off to a couple of sites about (respectively) Lorraine Hansberry (we're reading A Raisin in the Sun in my single section) and Flannery O'Connor (we're reading "Good Country People" and "A Good Man is Hard to Find" in both of my blocks) . I love O'Connor. I mean, I love Hansberry, too, but I have always, since the day we met, loved Flannery O'Connor's stories. She writes about what seem to be awful people, and they behave most terribly, but she does it with such humor, cleverness, and love that I can't help but get all gushy about her and her stories. And, best of all, most of the kids love the stories: weird people, doing weird things--it really appeals to them.

Anyway, softball tonight. We have a ten o'clock game. Yes, ten o'clock! That, friends and neighbors, is my usual weeknight bed time, so I should be in top form. In addition, Timmy Ocean is sitting out tonight, so I have to pitch. I usually fill in for Timmy (once a season). It's nerve wracking, pitching. It shouldn't be, since all you do in softball is basically serve it up, but you still feel responsible in some way for the outcome of each at bat. I am trying to psych myself up and get rid of the nerves. I also may be trying to nap between now and then.

By the way, both of my students won their respective elections last week, so substance seemed to win out over popularity (although there is no denying that both of the kids are popular, too--after all, you can't put a dress on a bear and call it a prom date...well, maybe you could, but I'm not suggesting it...unless it's a small bear...with no teeth).
Monkey is in Houston this weekend. In a month, we'll both be in Houston for the wedding of JPB to Doctor Fiancee (soon to be Doctor Wife). Houston, when did you get so damn popular?

This is a shot from Saturday's birthday hike. Ain't she just the cutest? And ain't I just a big ol' doofus? Come on, Son, wear yer hat right!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fresh new look just in time for spring and spiffy new links too! Impressive.

Sadly, I am rushing to leave work (and hence my limited email time for the moment). I will try to write more tomorrow. In the meantime, I predict a win ( a close win from behind) for tonight, pitcher man extraordinaire!

Oh yes, that Monkey she is super cute. Dude with the hat next to her, he's got potential. :)

mfgrh! (It's like an abbreviated expletive!)