Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Infinite Monkey Theorem

You've heard of the theory (or mathematical example or whatever) that if a monkey (or maybe an infinite number of monkeys) sat at a type writer (or typewriters) and randomly typed for an infinite amount of time, eventually it/they would produce the collected works of William Shakespeare? Well, it's a theory. Or rather it is used to demonstrate the principles of randomness and infinity. I don't think they pay much attention to such things in Kansas, but, hey, I am not in Kansas.

At any rate, with it being National Poetry Month, the website of The Acadmey of American Poets sends out a poem each day this month. Yesterday's poem was by Nicholas Johnson. It's called "One of the Monkeys". I thought it was an excellent poem, and I share it with you.

One of the Monkeys

I'm one of the monkeys they've got typing
in a room full of monkeys. It's a play
Shakespeare wrote back in the old days
they want us to write again. So we're writing
a play we never read. They keep inviting
strangers to watch us and the strangers say:
"They wrote 'to be or nutti to be'!" They stay
too long if we write something exciting
but the bananas flow like wine. We know
it's a crazy, morbid, ranting play, a stew
full of murder, love, but with a noble feel.
Shocked, I see hack monkeys come and monkeys go.
One keeper killed my father. What should I do?
I'm watching him. My teeth are as sharp as steel.

Hope you like.


Anonymous said...

That is an awesome, inspiring poem! All I have in response is not really a poem but something you might find familiar and great entertainment value.

If you like pitas and olives
And live where it don't rain
If you're not into pork foods
And like to visit Baharain
If you like reading 'bout the Prophet
And eating leaves of a grape
Then peak under my burka
Come with me and escape



Anonymous said...

"Do You Like Pina
Coladas?" by Rupert Holmes
now stuck in my head!

Hai-cute Anon AMVB