Saturday, March 04, 2006

Does Anybody Else Ever Confuse The Ides of March with Blood, Sweat, and Tears? I Know I Surely Do.

In March the mad scientist
Brings a new change
In ever-dancing colors.
--Jethro Tull
Now that February is behind us, I am sure that most of you are looking forward to Spring. I know I am. We still have the potential for some heavy winter weather, but the worst, we suspect, is behind us, once March rolls around. And here it is.
Warm weather and wild thunderstorms can't be too far away.
Monkey is in Atlanta, GA, this weekend, visiting her buddies from internship last year. It sounds like she's having fun. Aunt James and I hit Booche's for happy hour (which turned into happy hours), but I was home and asleep in front of the TV by 9pm. A solo, last-minute trip to Eagle Bluffs this morning was excellent. I spotted thousands of snow geese (along with two other species of geese), at least eleven different duck species, some trumpeter swans, a bald eagle, and the first tree swallow of the year (see, spring is right around the corner). A bit of frozen precipatation fell around 11 am, but it was hardly noticable. I tried to take a walk on some of the trails at the Conservation area, but there were too many geese around and I didn't want to disturb them. All in all, my best outing of the year, so far.
Now, it's errand time. I have a buttload of stuff to read, and I should probably go grocery shopping (but I could do this tomorrow). I need to go to the library, too. Does anybody know when it closes on Saturday?
Well, with so much to do, I should probably go do it. Jersey Girl: send more cookies (and chips)! Many here in Central Standard keep asking who that striking babe with the STRAIGHT hair was that Monkey and I were with at the festival last weekend. My response: "Who?"


Anonymous said...

Reda, I'm still puzzled about the identity of this "Jersey Girl" character.... You just be careful of the sky (precipitation) falling! Or maybe some beautiful vavavoom woman smacking you in your head.

Allow me to be of assistance with the question you posed. (Why, Reda?)

Wow, check out this absolutely stunning woman!

Stunning woman!

She currently lives in DC and hails from Delaware.

And look! Is that her too?


Wow, there she is with her gorgeous friend!

Gorgeous fashionistas!

More more more!

Oo la la!


ATR said...

Such a gadabout, this stunning woman. Are you sure she's not from Jersey?
Who's the dude in the third pic in the Grandpa sweater? You can hardly see him, but, as far as I can tell, he looks like he has a lot going for him: excellent fashion sense, an imposing intellect, a world-class sense of humor, and an embarrasingly sincere humility. What a guy!


Anonymous said...

I totally figured it out! The person in that third pic - it's Jersey Girl!!!



ATR said...

Mexeby? That is the best, by far!