Thursday, March 23, 2006

Behold The Power of Threes

They say things happen in threes. Yesterday, I guess this held true. First, immediately after posting, the point on my pencil broke while I was writing myself a note. In the grand scheme of things (well, in any scheme of things), not a big deal. About twenty minutes later, I was making a transparency when the copier jammed. As I tried to remove the misfeed, I dropped some really important part of the machine, and it broke (perhaps a slightly larger deal--I don't think I have to pay for anything, however). Much later that evening, as I took off my glasses to go to bed, one of the arms fell off (in my mind, this is a big deal--I'm not blind, but I do wear my glasses almost all the time). Just like that.

I am hoping today that three great things happen to me to compensate.

Will write more soon for food.

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Anonymous said...

I am cranky and sick. I'm in phase three of being sick (two relapses). I'm here at work super early to take care of necessary admin bs and then going home rather than working today. Tomorrow I'm actually going to a doctor! I'll spare you the other ugly details.

Have a good weekend, and may the threes (the bad kinds anyway) be behind you!