Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The End of Fifth Hour (And I Feel Fine)

Leonid Breshnev, Lenny Bruce, Lester Bangs
--REM, "It's The End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)"

Oh, my. It seems so long ago since last I wrote. So long ago, as a matter of fact, that I am typing this entry on company time! It's that important.

Don't worry, it's my planning hour. The churlen are not flinging themselves (and others) about the room unsupervised. That comes later.

I did feel it important to simply shout out to y'all. It's only Wednesday, but Saturday seems a long time ago. We've had more basketball (not much going my way, there), the first day of Spring (that is NEVER bad), a BIG snowstorm predicted (with the requisite snowday buzz from the usual suspects), the disappointment of a serious dearth of snow (less than one of the predicted five to nine inches), and the slog that is the week before Spring Break. Not to mention an up-until-one-AM-since-third-quarter-grades-are-due-tomorrow grading binge on Monday. I am straight up beat and ready for a trip to Oklahoma (where the corn will not be as high as an elephant's eye in March). We leave Saturday, with Ripken along for the trip. Should be fun.

Golly, I haven't even mentioned the New and Improved Chicken Nuggets, with (Oh, yuck!) pork gravy on my mashed potatoes, the Great Sandhill Crane Chase of last Sunday, or the Sunday Sopranos party I bagged to do, yes, more grading. But, alas, the bell is about to ring (it's so regimented here...wouldn't it be nice to have no bells, no grades, just reading and writing and digging on literature...pleasant thought, Hippy!).

Gotta go! Peace.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, school days. I can almost smell it - teenage hormones (the churlens, not you Reda), chalk, dank lockers....

I'm actually *not* typing this on company time for a change. I've done my admin bs work and it's just after 8:00 AM - time to go home sick and rest up. Have fun in OK!