Saturday, March 25, 2006

Oklahoma Bound

Well, I've never been to heaven,
But I've been to Oklahoma
--Three Dog Night, "Never Been to Spain"

After today, I will be observing radio silence until Thursday, at least, since Spring Break is upon us, and Monkey and I are hitting the road. We are leaving for Oklahoma in a matter of hours, looking forward to a relaxing several days on the gracious Scott's Berry Farm.

It is a beautiful, but cold morning, after a happy hour of epic proportions (at least in number of attendees) to usher in Spring Break. But we are all alive and well, and ready to drive (or be driven).

I'll tell you all about it when we get back, but, for now, be happy for me...I have floated to the top of my Mizzou bracket (Now, I just need UConn to lose), and I found six dollars in my pants on Friday morning!

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Anonymous said...

It's always a joy to find a surprise in your pants! $3! What you'd been up to for it to be *six* dollars is up to you to disclose, or not.

I hope you, Megha, and Ripken are having a great time in OK!

I'm back at work (and thus online), my system chock full of antibiotics and accumulated rest to fight off my recently diagnosed bronchitis. I can't take another relapse; literally, I've been sick the entire month of March! Now *that* is madness. Nponlt!

Happy travels!