Monday, April 27, 2009

Sick Monkey

The Monkey is sick. She's worried, because Sunday is the Lincoln Marathon (she's running the half-marathon), but I think she'll be better by then. Please be sending some healthy vibes her way this week. Thanks.


La Fashionista said...

Monkey dear, I'm pulling for you big time! Many healthy vibes for you.

Love to you both,


comoprozac said...

Healthy vibes...

An old friend of mine just reported on his wife's performance in the Boston marathon. She was super sick, running a fever, so to speak. But she finished. Monkey will do fine.

boring election said...

Go get 'em, Meghan. The germs and the race!!!

Good luck. Godspeed. You'll do great!!!

Jami said...

They are en route Mary Meghan. I had no idea you had taken up running. Good luck sista and hey there Tony.

P.S. don't plan any marathons from 7/10-7/12 - I've got dibs on both of you. -J