Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pedaling and Planting Again

This week I've gotten back on the bike. The weather has warmed up enough that biking is not a terribly brutal endeavor most mornings, and I can layer up with just a base layer, a hoodie, and a fleece, and I am pretty comfortable. Afternoons have been in the sixties, so I just ride home in my work clothes.

I feel a bit of a weenie for not biking at all this winter, but I guess it's okay if I'm not totally hardcore. I'll leave that to the totally hardcore folks.

Needless to say, I will keep this up for the remainder of the year, save for those days when the weather is just too wet (or even cold--it could still happen). It is an enjoyable way to make it to and from work, and, of course, it keeps me active!

We also put some seeds in the ground this week, a bit behind schedule from last year's notes. This year, we are focusing on things that we eat a lot of: spinach, lettuce, beans, and squash. It might be about two weeks early for the beans and squash, but we'll take our chances. No tomatoes this year (maybe some small ones in a container). We'll let the squash and beans replenish the plot and grow some tomatoes next year.

Looking forward to riding home in early June and making a fresh salad from our own patch of ground. Maybe that's a bit early to hope for, but I am still hoping.

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La Fashionista said...

I wouldn't necessarily call you a weenie (or even a bit of a weenie), but all this beard-growin and bike-ridin and garden-growin and salad-makin does make you sound like a bit of a - gasp! - hippie!