Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Your Grid is Disorienting My Cow!

Check this out. Proving once again, that Germany and the Czech Republic are eons ahead of the US in the cow alignment sciences.

Europe's eye-opening study of the effect of power lines on cow alignment comes less than a year after their in-depth study of Google Earth proved this.

It's good to know Al Gore's Internets are being used for something worthwhile.


La Fashionista said...

Dizzying reports, these.

Let's get on that wind power and get off the heavy reliance on the grid!

('n you, bro?)


ATR said...

Hey! Didn't you just have, like, a baby, or something? Shouldn't you be resting? Or feeding the child? Or building a bassinet?

(I don't know, but it ends with "ma"--that's gotta be a good sign)

La Fashionista said...

I can't help it. Sophia keeps asking me all about this Reda blog I've been telling her about for so many weeks before her birth! :)