Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Excitement Continues

I was remiss in keeping all up to date on the doings of myself and the Monkey over the last fortnight or so. The weekend prior to this just past, Monkey House Nebraska was headquarters for the Minnesota Ambassadors' Baby Birthday Ramble. Arriving late on Friday night, the Ambassadors took to the guest room bed of Monkey House Nebraska for a snooze, before some coffee and a damn-good scone in the morning. The Monkeys also enjoyed some Chines and vino with various friends and family of the Ambassadors. Sunday was departure day, after a bagel and coffee downtown. Fortunately, in three short weeks, we will be returning the favor as the Monkeys head to Minneapolis-St. Paul for the opening round of the NCAA regionals (which coincides with my Spring Break!)

This past weekend, as you know, Monkey and I headed back to the ol' stompin' grounds for T/F 09. I will spare you recaps of all the films (a dozen), but, I will say that I felt that this was perhaps the best fest yet. Monkey and I did not feel rushed between films (except once), we felt the films were highest-caliber (except one), I thought the music was spectacular (no exceptions), and, while it was perhaps the coldest True/False, yet, the snow held off and the weather was generally good for walking about. We also found additional time this year for stompin' on the ol' stompin' grounds. It was, as it always is, an exquisite pleasure to spend time with folks I truly miss having in my life on a daily basis. Every time I go back to CoMo, I get a little homesick. This was no exception. Driving out of town on Monday morning was a melancholy moment.

I believe that is all for now.


La Fashionista said...

These sound like very fun things happening! I'm glad to hear that T/F was so exceptional this year AND that you were able to have some time between films to visit your fav places and people!


Boring Election said...

So glad I was able to catch a few moments with you all while you were here for T/F. And the idea of catch a film or two with you next year? Awesome. (That is if I'm not in Vegas or Bermuda.)

Hope your trip home as uneventful and snow-less.

Take care!