Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Sure, the drizzle from last night and this morning froze into a smooth glaze on the Civic this morning, making for an invigorating workout as I scraped the windows clear like a mad man. Yes, as I sat in a PLC meeting this afternoon, I watched snowflakes swirl on the blustery updrafts outside the window. Absolutely, I was wishing I had a hathathat on my headheadhead as I stepped lively to the car this evening leaving work.

But, still, in the back of my mind is that little voice that tells me that the crocuses have already started their journey to the sun, that tells me the juncos have flown off, and the robins are out in force. I saw a pair of turkey vultures circling above the park yesterday. That is a clear sign that warmer days are coming, that spring is in the air.

And, just like it does for the kiddos, that little voice makes it awfully hard to concentrate.

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La Fashionista said...

And where does the beard stand on all this? Does the beard have more of a spring feel to it these days? Surely the state of the beard could have an important impact on your mood. It certainly affects mine. :)