Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Not So Long Northern Plains Story (Part Three)

Ah, Sunday. More breakfast at local diner/franchise Keys (good sausage), a drive by the James J. Hill house, and a drop off at the dome for second round hi jinx.

The opener, between Dayton and Kansas was a snoozer. Dayton was shooting poorly and had no answer for Cole "Triple Double" Aldrich. Dayton's band leader was a sight, however, in his sequined jacket. Unfortunately, his outfit was not shiny enough to distract KU from putting the smack down on his (not so high) Flyers.

The second game of the afternoon was a treat, as USC and Michigan State squared off. It was a back and forth affair, with State slightly leading most of the way, but USC's cold outside shooting and its inability to dominate the boards gave this game to the Spartans. A five point game was a great way to send us off into the evening.

The Ambassadors picked us up and we drove off to visit some Ambassador family. A Mediterranean style meal in a Minnesota farm house was a wonderful way to spend an evening. And, in a "file this under it's a small world" moment, Ambassador Aunt buys some of her organic seeds from the Monkey's CSA. Go fig!

Monday left the Monkeys on their own in a very rainy metropolis. We visited (briefly) some historic houses on Summit Ave., patronized Garrison Keillor's book store, wandered the Como Park Conservatory, and chilled out at the Ambassadors' pad. That evening, we had some very tasty Italian at Broder's, and then rested up for the drive back home on Tuesday.

In all, a great trip.


La Fashionista said...

Nice pic of you, Reda. You need to calm down. I'm always telling you that, it seems. :)

This just sounds like a great trip all around! I thought it would be mostly about the bball, but you and Monkey did a variety of very cool stuff.


Laura said...

somehow, you left out the crucial detail re: ICE CREAM !!! mmmmmm

when are you coming back again?