Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tiny News

The bills are paid for the month.

We bought a paper shredder.

I dropped off a dozen pairs of pants and a shirt to the Goodwill on Saturday.

The tomato plants have been pulled after an acceptable late harvest.

I am waiting on three beet plants, then the garden is done for the season.

My iPod is not working properly, and restoring it has not helped. Next stop: the Omaha Apple store.

Jolie Holland has a new album out.

Term One ends in two and a half weeks!

My newspaper keeps arriving late, and, this morning, we received a copy of Financial Times. We don't subscribe to Financial Times.

Sometimes, I wish my tiny news were more exciting.

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La Fashionista said...

The biggest of my tiny news is that while out on campus tabling at an event on this beautiful afternoon, a stray football bounced my way from a nearby fraternity's table. I proceeded to throw back a very respectable spiral, though it hit an unsuspecting fraternity guy in the head! He was sweet about it, and people seemed to take more notice of the quality of the spiral than my aim. I was disappointed that my aim was a little off but pleased by the quality of the throw. Not bad for someone who is twice those students' age and visibly pregnant!

We bought a paper shredder recently too. Cross cut. Quiet. I can testify to Monkey this weekend.

Our chili pepper plant has lots of delicious, spicy chili peppers all over it!

We have no newspaper subscription, no cable. All internet all the time.


Yay tiny news of an ordinary day in life!