Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just Hanging On

It appears that the past few weeks have left me only with a few spare moments to blog. This past week, I thought I would have more time, but it didn't work out that way. Even this weekend, which was a productive and mildly entertaining one, left little time for other pursuits. And so, before I retire for the night, to rest up for the last week of term one (which will lead us into Fall break, and a visit to the Beaver State), I thought I would check in and leave you with a few weekend thoughts.

I didn't really like seeing Sarah Palin on SNL this weekend. It was amusing, but, gosh darnit, there is something about that woman that I just don't like. I also felt like she was smirking her way through the whole thing. It was clear, though, that she has been a professional news broadcaster (but, of course, not a member of the left-wing media elite).

I would so love to see football players use their arms to tackle ball carriers. In both the collegiate and the professional ranks, it seems that defenders only wish to launch themselves on a trajectory in order to "blow up" the ball carrier, rather than wrap the player's legs or body up with their arms. This sometimes results in spectacularly violent collisions, sending the ball carrier abruptly to the turf, and occasionally dislodging the ball. More often, it results in the defensive player glancing off of, or missing entirely, their target, who then scampers for several additional yards. It drives me crazy, even when I am watching a game I have no rooting interest in.

Any show that combines an experimental jazz/rock band (a la Aloha), a semi-traditional country/roots rock band (a la Bare Jr.), and a blue grass band, complete with washtub bass, is bound to be bizarre.

My iPod is dead. After 14 months, it's just out of warranty. I feel cheated, but I also feel no recourse but to take the 10% discount on a new one.

Okay, it's well past my bed time, folks. I hope to post before next weekend. Keep your fingers crossed!


comoprozac said...

I understand the lack of time to blog.

Palin reported the weather. Meteorologists/weather girls and Fox "News" pundits are the portion of the media who sit on the right. This explains Palin's ability to avoid the liberal left-wing.

I agree with the tackling, or extreme hugging. I thing the poor tackling has also contributed to the silly hurdle move employed by players such as Chase Coffman, Knowshon Moreno, and that white fullback for Green Bay.

My iPod is almost as old as yours. I'm worried.

Anonymous said...

I'm on my last day of a wonderful vacation and hope you have fun on yours! The lead-up to it can be intense - I feel for you.

Apparently on my flight out here, Jerry Rice was on my plane (first class, of course). I learned this from the person sitting two seats over, who shared that he had noticed him upon boarding the plane. Why did he share this with me? Because he saw me reading Jeff Pearlman's new book on the Cowboys (which is excellent BTW - and I don't follow pro football or read sports books at all).

Perhaps even funnier is the fact that my neighboring seatmate actually used a weird feature on Virgin America flights. He used the fancy interactive features to attempt to chat with Jerry Rice! Dude somehow figured out which seat was Jerry's and tried chatting with him. The stewardess came back and said that Jerry was in the middle of watching a movie on said interactive system. It was funny.

And of course, I can't figure out how to log in from my friend's computer, so I can't identify as my usual La Fashionista. I miss my laptop!!!