Sunday, October 26, 2008

Letting My Guard Down

Friday signalled the end of first term, leaving me with just a few piles of exams to grade and grades to enter before a week of school-less bliss. However, as is often the case when a high-stress job hits a lull, I immediately came down with a nasty chest cold.

A dizzy spell while I was still at school Friday afternoon alerted me to the fact that I might be feeling poorly. Plans for Friday night were scrapped, as I came home earlier than I wanted to (with papers left to grade) and went directly to bed.

I woke up Saturday morning with a chest full of crud (and a Barry White-esque voice--very sexy). Needless to say, I did little but read, lay about on the sofa, and eat a gallon of soup. This morning, I was feeling better, but decided that one more day of rest would be a good idea, so I sent Monkey off to Omaha by herself. I did finish my grading this morning, but, mostly, today was just a reprise of yesterday, with some vacuuming thrown in.

I'll have to go up to school tomorrow to do some last-minute things. Then, it's off to Oregon for a few days on Tuesday. The weather doesn't look too promising, but it rarely does for that part of the country. I am looking forward to feeling well and enjoying the Pacific Northwest.

I'll try to post tomorrow, but that should be it until November.


Boring Election said...

Weird...we're living in some parallel universe. I took ill myself this weekend (was it the anticipation of a 7 hour t/f kick-off meeting?), and lazed about as a result. And Chris and I are off to Seattle on Wednesday.

Here's to feeling better, followed by fun in the Pacific Northwest. Safe travels.

ATR said...

That is a strange co-inkeedink. I hope you are feeling as good as (or better than) I am today. I am approaching 85%. Not really looking forward to being on a plane tomorrow, but I'll handle it. I'll have a coffee for you, if you'll do the same for me (and some of those little donuts at Pike Place market!)

La Fashionista said...

I'm sick too - though sans the Barry White voice and the vacuuming. Soup, tea, apples, cider, and donuts all seem called for here.

Have a Voodoo Doughnut and some Stumptown for me! Feel better, and have a wonderful trip!