Friday, October 03, 2008

That Centrally Significant Month

October is an important month here at Central Standard. Yesterday marks a third year here at this home-spun little blog of mine.

I recently spent some time talking to a few blogospherians, and they were making suggestions that might increase my blog's "visibility" or readership. I might focus on one topic, such as books or teaching, writing, biking, whatever. But, of course, I am not going to do that. I guess I am not interested in increasing my profile. I am just interested in having a forum to tap out a few random thoughts about every three days, so that a few close friends and relatives can check in on me occasionally. What more could I want?

Another work week has come to an end. It almost always comes as a surprise to me when I make it through one. I don't know why. I know that I have been complaining up a storm about work, but things are seeming to improve, little by little. And today, I got one of those emails from an old student that reminds you of the value of the job, so that is definitely a positive. All in all a good day.

No travelling this weekend. Monkey and I will stay home and get some chores done, root for the Tigers to defeat the home team Huskers on Saturday, and I just might get in a little basketball on Sunday (which would be the first time in about two months, I'd bet). Looking forward to that.

The debate last night was fascinating, I think. I am particularly biased, but I think Biden clearly won. I have heard people say that Palin did "what she needed to do," which was not come off as quite as much of a jackass as she has appeared. I guess she did that (although there were a few moments when I thought she was ridiculous (winking at her dad; correcting Biden's "drill, drill, drill" comment; evoking the Black Sox scandal of 1919 and the ghost of Ronald Reagan when she tandemed "Say it ain't so, Joe," with "There you go again;" and attributing the "City on a Hill" comment to Ronald Reagan instead of John Winthrop (see "A Model of Christian Charity"))), but is that even close to being a good thing? My, Republicans MUST be desperate.

Looking forward to the next presidential square off...aren't you?

By the way, a shout out to a few CoMoians (particularly Boring Election) whom I did not get the opportunity to see last weekend: catch you at T/F (if you're not too crazy busy!).


La Fashionista said...

As a member of the CentStand fan club, I wish you a very happy three years! I do love reading your blog as it is. I agree that you could focus on a specific topic and expand your readership if you wanted to do that. However, I very much enjoy reading about your life as you've created this blog. Yay!

Oh, the debates. I thought that Biden was absolutely at the top of his game. His was a nearly flawless performance. I thought that Palin sounded like a desperate, uninformed, vapid sound bite. To me, it was a total blowout.

I don't understand the relevance for some people that they can relate to the persona that Palin conveys. As I read in the post-debate discussion, what is wrong with politicians doing politics? Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln were all politicians. I would argue that we need people with some expertise to do that job, just as many other jobs require some specialization and training.

I mean, *I* could have done what Palin did at that debate - and probably better. Should I be a candidate for the vice presidency? Hell no. She is in way above her head and arrogantly denies this, headstrong in her self-important ignorance. She's like W in many ways. Scary. I'm hoping that enough people are critical enough to see that and are able to vote accordingly.

Ima do my best to let go of what is out of my control and enjoy this glorious weekend! I hope that you do as well.



Boring Election said...

Sorry I missed you guys, too!!! Hope all is well!